Detailed and Documented REO Management Process:

We serve asset managers and real estate buyers seeking to purchase real estate owned or who are seeking to have their assets managed.

Upon receipt of an assignment in any format, such as email, or database, the asset falls into an Excel/ Quick Books Pro format with a nonstop check-off procedure starting with:

  1. Folder Created and updated with Property/Subject Information:
    ( Property Tax, Field Card & prior Listing Information)
  2. Occupancy Check
  3. Drive By BPO
  4. Property Maintenance during the redemption period ( 6 mths +)
  5. Attorney contact if required
  6. Cash for Keys
  7. Rental Assistant packages for borrowers, to help them exit the property.

If additional services are needed per the Asset Managers, we are able to follow up with,

  1. Property Re-Keys
  2. Conversions of Utilities
  3. Trash Outs
  4. Interior BPO's
  5. Repair(s) when required ( by licensed contractors)
  6.  Marketing
  7. Listing Property for Sale